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Rainbow Bridge
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Visit "Rainbow Bridge" for a touching memorial.

Animals and the Afterlife
by Kim Sheridan

BOOK REVIEW by Terry Hickey
Anyone who has ever had questions about what happens to our beloved pets after they leave this physical plane, will want to read this book! Within the first few pages, I found so much comfort and answers from the real stories that were told in the book and I was moved to tears—of the best kind—knowing, without a doubt, that one day I would be reunited with my beloved Smokey, and the other pets who have touched my own life so profoundly. To anyone who believes that love is more than just a word and that love will live on long after death, this book is for you!"

When Only the Love Remains
by Emily Margaret Stuparyk

This is a book written from the heart about the pain of pet loss. It is a collection of poems that was written by Emily when her bunny, "Poochie" died and as you read it, it feels as if you had written each and every word. She is a Canadian author. Her book is listed at, and and it is truly a book that will be so very helpful to grieving pet owners.

Marley and Me books

Cold Noses books

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates
Cold Noses II: Examining More Evidence

by Gary Kurz

There are no words that can change the feeling of emptiness we feel with the loss of that special "friend" who shared our heart and life. Their unconditional love and devotion are missed as much as their splendid and unique personality. But we can replace the grief with joyful anticipation and genuine hope can be found. The words of "COLD NOSES at the PEARLY GATES" are offered to guide you to that place. You may begin this book a sceptic, but you will end it with a newfound hope and a lot to think about.

Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates                      Cold Noses II

Books by Christine Davis
Lighthearted Press

For anyone who has lost a beloved animal friend, the simple words and joyful illustrations in these little books of comfort will help you remember the magical bond that connected you and your furry friend can never be broken!

BOOK REVIEW by Terry Hickey
As Founder of the Halton/Peel Pet Loss Support Group, I responded to a request for a copy of "For Every Dog an Angel" by a bereaved pet owner attending our support group meeting. I also ordered a copy of "For Every Cat an Angel". As a person who had lost a beloved cat (Smokey was the reason this group was founded), I started reading "For Every Cat an Angel" first. As I read Christine's description of "forever cat", my eyes filled with tears as I have always called Smokey my "forever cat". It was as if Christine had read my mind, had taken those words and put them into such a beautiful and uplifting little book for everyone of all ages, who has ever loved a pet!

At each meeting, I now make a point of suggesting that each person, especially the recently bereaved, read these beautifully illustrated and wonderfully comforting and inspirational books. I personally have a supply of these books on hand so that I can give my own family and friends the heart warming comfort that comes from reading these books!

Thank you, Christine, for writing these precious books that give so many, so much hope!

"For Every Dog an Angel"
For lifting the spirits of anyone coping with the loss of an animal friend  

"For Every Cat an Angel"
For lifting the spirits of anyone coping with the loss of an animal friend  

Visit "Rainbow Bridge" for a touching memorial.

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.Dale Dicker
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