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CK's Pet Grooming and Behaviour Training
Call Christine at 905-896-4334
Queensway West and Hurontario Area, Mississauga

Specializing in Cats and Dogs who find the grooming process to be traumatic, or pets who have aggressive tendencies or if they are just plain shy. Authorized FURminator shed-less treatment facility.

Special Offer for "Adopted Pets"
Free Nail Clipping For Life!
(see bottom for details)

Mission Statement

My mission is to make grooming a healthy and positive experience for your pet. I will treat your Pet the same way I treat my own...with love and respect.

Meet your Groomer

Christine Kay is an Honours Graduate in Breed Styling, Small Animal Nutrition Specialist and Kennel Management.

The health and safety of your pet will never be compromised. Because the grooming facilities are in a private, non-smoking home, there are no clinical odours, and your pet will quickly feel relaxed. Pets are not placed in crates, but can play outside in a large backyard or roam about freely inside.

Christine’s grooming technique is developed specifically to keep stress to a minimum, allowing rest breaks for dogs/cats who are elderly, in poor health or easily distressed. Christine will ensure your pet has a happy grooming experience.

Note: It is mandatory that the owner or family member be present for the 1st groom in it's entirety. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know who is being trusted to groom and care for your pet. This can be accomplished by viewing the process. Exceptions will be made for owners who have physical limitations, illness or allergies.

CK's Pet Grooming is located in the Queensway West and Hurontario Area, Mississauga.

Please call Christine at
for an appointment!

Bath Time.....or "Fun" Time?

Grooming Services Provided

• Breed Styling
• Brushing and Combing
• De-Matting
• Bathing—Hot Oil Treatment/Massage
• Nail Clipping
• Ear Care
• Anal Gland Extraction
• Flea treatment
• Gentle Dental Care

Dog Daycare and over night sitting also available!

  Yorky - Before Grooming                Yorky - After Grooming

Love your pet, hate the shedding?
Suffer from allergies?
Have Christine treat your pet with the FURminator!

Click here for more details.

Client Testimonials

"Christine is a life-saver! She welcomed my dog knowing that 2 other groomers had refused to see Molly again unless she was totally sedated. I was a new dog owner and didn’t know how to get help for this rescued 10-year-old dog that didn’t like to be touched or picked up. Christine amazed me with the limitless amounts of patience and understanding she exhibited with Molly. I couldn’t believe that the same afternoon Molly was actually sitting in Christine’s lap. I call Christine a “dog whisperer” because she has the ability to give a dog what is needed—even if it is discipline. Christine gave 100% of herself every time, and never gave up on my dog even though Molly’s inability to trust was an ongoing issue. I couldn’t have continued giving Molly a home if it hadn’t been for Christine." Monica F.


"A wonderful experience for our Border Collie, Brandy. She always fought and squirmed when she got her nails clipped. With Christine, she eagerly gave her paws to be clipped."  Bob H.


*Both dogs above were "rescues" and adopted from a Shelter! There are many great dogs available at Shelters and Rescue Groups. All they need is lots of love and a little patience to become the dog of your dreams. Christine is offering to clip your adopted pets nails for FREE for life!

Special Offer for "Adopted Pets"
Free Nail Clipping For Life!

If you have a pet that was adopted from a Rescue Group or Shelter, Christine will cut the pets nails for free for life. No obligation! Pet Adoption ID is required. Call Christine at 905-896-4334 for details.

Email Christine at

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This helpful web site continues on in memory of its' creator, Dale Dicker. Dale loved animals and people. Animals and people loved Dale.

.Dale Dicker
Dale Dicker 1951-2011

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